Apartment a Beautiful Part of Gothenburg


This cozy apartment is located in a beautiful part of Gothenburg. The overall look is bright and cheerful. It’s a very inviting apartment indeed. It’s a 52 square meter apartment but it’s actually perfect for a single couple. It has a great location and it also benefits from splendid views over the harbor and the surrounding area. the designers used a few simple tricks to make the room seem bigger. For example, the floors have been painted white throughout and this really opens up the décor and makes everything seem brighter. The rooms also have high ceilings and this is a great advantage. Each room and each space has different colors and a different look but when seen altogether they look like a harmonious composition. The living room has a certain calm and delicate look and it’s not very cheerful. However, it has amazing views over the city and the west harbor and this solve any problem. The living room also has pink wallpaper that creates a romantic atmosphere, just like in the bedroom where the same color has been used for the walls. The kitchen is mostly white and it seems very neat and organized.







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