Cool Wall Painting

Personally I don’t like blank wall in just one color. I like to paint something on a wall, something that will give some life and personality to that wall, and of course to the whole home. If You have same personality with me, lets see some cool wall art there.

A Tree Mural Wall Art


it’s a cool wall art for you who very like floral art, sometimes a tree can remember us to back to nature.

Wooden Letterpress Wall Art


The wooden letters was proceeded to make a really beautiful of art that fell off the wall and is now in a bag somewhere. Each attempt to enhance the structural integrity only, ironically, served to further weaken it. So if you have a wooden letters, you should just rip it apart and put the letters on the wall like this to determine which wall.

Light Emitting Wallpaper


Jonas Samson, who may in fact be the homeless looking vagrant in the picture, has allegedly created light-emitting wallpaper. When in the ‘off’ position, you’ve got boring ass wallpaper. When ‘on’ you’ve got a funky tree or something and a bird. My only problem with this is, you know, how it works.

e-glue Wall Decor


E-glue makes cool wall decoration stickers in lots of different designs, sizes and color combinations.They are, at the time being, available in savanna-, farm-, under water- and skeleton pirate themes. These kits are full of their fun designs, and maybe the best thing about them is the possibility to choose the color combinations yourself! There are several main colors and secondary colors to choose from, so there’s a good chance of finding colors which match the rest of the room. I would think the kids would love to get to choose the colors themselves as well!

Wall Climbing Lamp


Need something unique to decorate your empty wall? Then you should consider this cleverly design wall climbing lamp with a lizard-like shape.It’s also a good lamp for reading if you install it beside your bed.

Cool Animal Painted Wall


Since we stick to wallpaper theme lately, here is how one can use wall space in alternative way. Amazing!

Sad Psycho Wallpaper


The excellent idea dedicated to wall decals Blik teamed up with Threadless to create wall decals from threadless designs, how cool is the Sad Psycho wall decal below.

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