Living Room Designs Modern TV Wall Units


The entertainment section is probably the most important and central part of the living room. We usually prop our TV’s up on a TV cabinet or attach them to the largest wall appropriately facing our couches. But these modern TV wall units by Italian furniture design company Alf Da Fre definitely bring in some style. They are sleek, modern, and come with a variety of layout and styling options – symmetric, asymmetric, floating cabinets, ambient tv lighting and variable color palettes. We like how this collection is a mix and match of sort. Some are wall-attached, some have easy access from 2 sides, some are partially concealed by sliding doors and all come in a plethora of shades. Looks like they have done a good job in making a rather dull, furniture unit into an interesting, colorful piece that brings out your living space. The one caveat is that you will need quite a large room to pull this off.








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