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Organised Laundry room Design ideas with affordable IKEA Furniture

Having a multi-functional family laundromat which is meet the needs of all family members, is everyone dreams, and sometime we need a quick simple ideas to make it more stylish and comfortable. Here I show you a perfectly organised laundry with the affordable laundry furniture from IKEA which is help you make use of all the available space and find a home for everything. It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is, because with a smart designed furniture from IKEA, you’ll find everything you need to organise your laundry room, which is usually consisting a washing machine, clothes storage system, hooks and hangers, stackable frames with or without castors, wire baskets and shelves, wall uprights, desk tops and drying racks etc. But whatever the possibilities and limitations you face may be, it’s good to consider the different tasks that you will perform, grouping things needed for the same task, and to consider the flow of the process you use to do your laundry in order to create a sensible mirror of that flow in the room. So, for example, you might, starting on the left, place the washer, then the dryer, then the folding table, so that you and the laundry moves through the room in a logical order.

Stylish Laundry room design Ideas with New IKEA Furniture
Stylish Laundry room design Ideas with New IKEA Furniture Collection

Stylish IKEA Laundry room design with ANTONIUS storage system
Affordable Dream Storage-Stylish Laundry room design Ideas with New IKEA Furniture


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