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Wood Dowel Base Molded Chair for Dining Room Furniture

There is The Eames Molded Plastic Chairs with Wood Dowel Bases which I select for you as a complement to your Dining Room Furniture. It was relaunching by DWR at Sept 1st last year (Both the Armchair and Sidechair). I think you can check for this product by calling to the DWR’s site, for the consideration, you can check it first below, hope you like it.

Molded Armchair with Wood Dowel Base


Molded Sidechair with Wood Dowel Base


It was available in the 5 colors that the “eiffel base” molded plastic chairs are available in, plus new colors debuting at last year. They were accepting preorders for the first shipment that was coming in August. You may really have to call to preorder as they are not yet listed on their website.


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Joe Manus Modern Curve Chair for Wooden Living Room Decoration

This is a well known design by Joe Manus, I was selected this Modern Curve Chair for completed your Wooden Living room Furniture. The Chair is an Original Chair Design and was made entirely of Stacked Plywood. It’s as Comfortable as its come, because it seats you low the ground and at a comfortable recline.

Joe Manus Wooden Curve Chair (front view)


Wooden Curve Chair (side view)


These Chair have Shipped out as far as dubai, These is a heavy chair, about 25 lbs, come in Natural or Ebony, and it’s finished with 5 coats of Satin Lacquer.


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Kindegartens Interior Design by 70ºN Arkitektur


The kindergarten is design in a number of longitudinal zones from the interior playground, ‘the indoor street’ with water-play areas and a winter garden feel to it, the bases and to the innermost reading nooks and mezzanines. These zones contribute to make a soft transition from the exterior to the interior spaces – from the exposed wide landscape to the intimate zones.


The playing rooms are peeking out of the facade. The four bases each have an inner wardrobe which also can be used as a play area. The bases can be opened or closed off towards the indoor street and wardrobes, and each have two adjustable playing walls. The reading nooks and mezzanines are more intimate spaces for quieter activities.


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The Flux Wood Chair

flux wood chair01
The flux wood chair is very comfortable and the wooden slats can be easily removed for storage, transport, or maintenance. The frame is made out of one piece of 1/2″ steel rod.This is the 4th piece of furniture to be designed and built by the pair.The chair can easily handle up to 275 lbs of weight and probably more but it hasn’t been tested past that point. New design development is nearly reaching completion which will allow the Flux chair to become much more customizable.Interchangeable slings will soon be available in 4 different types of wood as well as a canvas version. The frame will also come in 3 different finishes, chrome, brushed, or gloss black.


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Talent and Professionalism in Furniture Designing


Apparently, new ideas come from new kids on the block. This includes that of furniture that are being conceptualized as far as improving home designing and interiors. A lot of these new concepts and ideas originate from interior design yuppies aiming to make a difference when it comes to new home designs today.

Don’t take it the wrong way. Kids are dead serious in making a name for themselves, placing emphasis on making their name a niche brand in the widening world of home furnishings and improvements. All of us look forward to having comfortable homes today and among them include new designs that can be applicable in the market today.

Watch out for the new concepts and home designs coming out normally through exhibits that showcase what goes on in the minds of the future designers and architects of tomorrow. They will surely be among the class of alternatives we all look for when it comes to home improvement today.

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