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Best Laundry Room Design with Smart Ideas

Today, more and more homeowners are multi-tasking in the laundry room. A good starting point is to think of your laundry room’s design as similar to that of a kitchen, incorporating a work surface and storage. Whether it’s incorporating a gift wrapping station, a project work area or spot for arranging flowers and repotting plants, we’re using the laundry room as a space for more than just cleaning clothes. Whether your laundry room is a dedicated space of its own or tucked away in the corner of the basement, consider the ways in which you can expand its role in your home. With a little imagination and Smart ideas, you can make any Best laundry area which is more organized, appealing space where you can work on your latest project while washing a few loads. Here I show you some of Beautiful laundry room design from some inspirational photos below.

Clean and Modern Laundry Room Design
Clean and Modern Laundry Room Design-Best Laundry Room Interior Design with Smart Ideas

An interior window improves light and flow in this condo laundry room.Talk about smart design ideas: a stacking washer/dryer save precious floor space and a frosted glass panel allows light to pour in from the adjacent kitchen. Flat-fronted cabinets under the sink keep the profile clean and modern. Photographer: Michael Graydon – Room designer: William MacDonald.

Pretty Contemporary Laundry Room Design
Pretty Contemporary Laundry Room Design-Best Laundry Room Interior Design with Smart Ideas

In a space this inspiring, laundry isn’t a chore. The design of this room centres around a long Corian countertop that spans a washer, dryer and ample cabinets. Fresh blue walls, a striped runner and sleek faucet complete the pretty decorating. Photographer: Donna Griffith.


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