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Interior of Single Family House in Kitakamakura, Japan

There are the interior design of Single family house in Kitakamakura, Japan such as the Living Space, Dining room and kitchen, bathroom and also the balcony. This is an ideas to create an appealing living space by building directly over that uneven land. The architect propose to set concrete shafts slightly away from the wall and create a steel frame between the shafts inorder to insure the safety of the living space and the site at the same time.

Outside View of Single Family House in Kitakamakura


Living Space of Single Family House in Kitakamakura


Many kinds of natural spaces can be created, such as a Japanese Garden, Bath Terrace, or Green Garden.The concrete will create a quiet, enclosed space, while an open space is created by the steel framework. Through these two structural forms you can feel connected to the surrounding nature in this wonderful living space.


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