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Wood Dowel Base Molded Chair for Dining Room Furniture

There is The Eames Molded Plastic Chairs with Wood Dowel Bases which I select for you as a complement to your Dining Room Furniture. It was relaunching by DWR at Sept 1st last year (Both the Armchair and Sidechair). I think you can check for this product by calling to the DWR’s site, for the consideration, you can check it first below, hope you like it.

Molded Armchair with Wood Dowel Base


Molded Sidechair with Wood Dowel Base


It was available in the 5 colors that the “eiffel base” molded plastic chairs are available in, plus new colors debuting at last year. They were accepting preorders for the first shipment that was coming in August. You may really have to call to preorder as they are not yet listed on their website.


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