transformation living room


This is Emily’s living room. Before she decided to give it a makeover it was a disaster. In fact, any change would have been an improvement at that point. here were some elements that Emily managed to preserve and to turn into eye-catching pieces, such as that beautiful fireplace. The walls of the living room have been painted yellow, a sunny and happy color. The fireplace has been painted white, not a common choice but it works out nicely in this case. The doors and doorframes were also painted white and that ugly carpet has been removed. Now the floor features a beautiful brown finish and it really helps with the décor. The carpet has been hiding this beautiful floor for years but it has also been protecting it so it wasn’t totally useless. Most of the furniture has been replaced and so were the decorations and the chandelier. Now Emily’s room is stylish, elegant and ready to receive guests. This was a very successful makeover. you can see that even the subtle changes help the home feel more lovely and livable.



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